Core Competencies

Zanicorn’s experience is focused on:

  • Compliance and Regulatory
  • Project Management
  • Legal
  • Environmental
  • Corporate Secretarial/Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Internal Audit/Risk Management
  • Business Process Enhancement
  • Technology Risk and Security

Zanicorn’s emphasis is to continue to focus on each of these core competencies so that it can compete effectively in the marketplace and function as “one stop shopping” for multinational clients and those clients desirous of either expanding their domestic market presence or building a global presence.

Service Focus, The Basics

Zanicorn and its professionals have participated in the following types of transactions over the years:

Risk Management Integration and Effectiveness Reviews

Assisting organizations in the development and implementation of integrated and streamlined risk management programs within their organizations. We have found that even currently, many accelerated filers have not effectively and successfully implemented AS-5 and current SEC guidance. Zanicorn has demonstrated to its clients how they can create a sustainable compliance program by implementing a cost effective and comprehensive risk based management plan within their organizations.

Legal/Transaction Support

Pre -and post-merger integration projects and standard due diligence for acquisitions have been and will continue to be a Zanicorn focus area in addition to assessments of the compliance efforts which need implementation upon strategic corporate reorganizations. Zanicorn also assists several of its clients with basic corporate secretarial services worldwide.


Areas of expertise include environmental health, indoor and outdoor air quality and human health exposure assessments, public health, technical consulting in ambient and indoor air quality testing and monitoring, including mold consulting.  In addition to air quality assessments, Zanicorn professionals and staff can also conduct site assessments and remediation, including redevelopment assessments of Brownfield properties and clean up monitoring.  Industrial hygiene, petroleum management, asbestos and lead management, wetlands and biological services are also areas in which Zanicorn professionals assist clients.

Operational Performance Assessment

Assisting clients in making significant operational changes to improve the way business is conducted. This will be accomplished by analyzing the design of processes, types of resources, organizational structure, and technology supporting the business requirements. In addition, change management services will continue to be offered by Zanicorn in order to ensure the successful deployment of the change management programs.

IPO Readiness/ Acquisition Integration/Going Private Reorganization

Preparing management of certain organizations for the operational, risk management, and compliance challenges associated with taking their organization public. Zanicorn has also focused on assisting acquisitive organizations with more efficient integration of the companies that they acquire with a focus on prioritized risks faced by the merged enterprise. Zanicorn has also assisted certain of its clients that wish to capture even more efficiency and realize cost containment through “reverse” transactions such as privatization. For these clients, Zanicorn has assisted them in identifying the areas in which their companies can harness and reduce their costs while continuing to optimize market share.

Internal Audit Transformation

Developing and/or improving our clients’ Internal Audit function to enable both compliance and strategic value to be achieved more easily. Zanicorn has assisted client in establishing a very cost-effective internal audit function for those clients that are the subject of spin-offs from larger holding or parent companies or for those clients who do not have the capability nor the desire to employ a full service Internal Audit function on site.

Additional Zanicorn Service Offerings

Interim Staff Augmentation

Providing technical expertise and critical project support in areas where in-house expertise is difficult to maintain due to changing regulations (e.g., external reporting, revenue recognition evaluation) or where company events necessitate special purpose analysis or staffing such as stock back-dating or S-1 filing readiness. These projects have typically developed in response to an urgent need within one of our clients which necessitates that our client use more highly technical legal or consulting professionals over a short period of time.

ERP Optimization Reviews

Providing assurance to clients that they are receiving full value from their ERP investment in a secure environment by the optimization of such companies’ ERP system configurations appropriate to their business environment; implementation of automated controls, security and segregation of duties.  Zanicorn’s three focus areas in this regard are:

  • ERP Implementation Risk Management;
  • ERP post-implementation Controls Effectiveness; and
  • ERP Compliance Monitoring.

Most of our clients are existing clients who have made significant investments in their ERP solution and who have embarked on upgrading, or extending functionality or achieving a return on, perhaps, their most significant investment in their company. A critical aspect of any of Zanicorn’s assessments in this area is always an assessment of the legal and governance structure of the company.

Upon completion of these assessments, Zanicorn will list either gaps or opportunities for improvement in the company’s ERP environment.

International Liaison Services / International Project Management Office

Providing quality assurance and centralized liaison support between Zanicorn’s clients and Zanicorn affiliated firms worldwide that provide accounting, payroll and system implementation services to US companies with global operations.  In this regard Zanicorn acts as a Project Management Office and ensures that services across the globe are delivered efficiently and that any issues that might otherwise go unnoticed get addressed in the quickest manner.

Information Security Review and Awareness

Building required security competencies and assisting companies in utilizing those competencies for proactive risk management incorporating security policies, standards, SDLC, or software development life cycle integration, enterprise-wide security awareness, risk assessment, compliance monitoring to regulatory, privacy and business requirements.

Private Equity

Certain of Zanicorn’s clients ask for its assistance in structuring transactions as they expand their business or enter the marketplace. To date, Zanicorn has assisted some of its clients with the identification of sources of funding as well as the preparation of documentation relating to these transactions.