Mission Statement

ZANICORN: Consulting at its Finest,
A Driving Force for Ethical Transformation


Education        Transformation     Humanity      Integrity        Compassion     Sustainability


What is Zanicorn International Ltd.?

Quite simply, Zanicorn International, Ltd., is a firm that offers accounting, legal and business consulting services to worldwide clients in various industries. We are, however, quite different from other firms that offer services in these areas and it is our hope that this website provides a glimpse into our mission as well as the people who deliver our services.

Historically, Zanicorn International, Ltd., and its sister company Zanicorn Legal PLLC are continually growing and highly regarded small, women-owned businesses. Since Zanicorn’s inception in 1995, we are proud to say that Zanicorn has grown through exercising ethical principles from the very beginning. We take significant pride in providing highly experienced accounting and legal professionals who assist Zanicorn’s clients in educating their employees and transforming business processes to benefit both the corporation, investors and humanity through exercising integrity and compassion. This in turn supports sustainability in both the economic and environmental sectors. At Zanicorn we do not just talk about ethics—it is ingrained in our culture and in the lives of our consultants.

What Does Our Name Mean?

Many doctrines and philosophies discuss a concept of basic goodness that has been trampled upon and virtually ignored by modern society. Respect for oneself, respect for one’s fellow man, respect for corporate authority, is in short supply, resulting in nothing more than confusion among the people of the world who cannot openly communicate on many issues. Our financial markets are in chaos as are our personal lives. This confusion is due to the fact that most of us have become divorced from living our lives in accordance with basic goodness—with genuine concern and respect for ourselves and others. We believe it is possible to change this, to communicate openly and honestly with others in order to change the world economic order in a concrete, discrete manner.

When a person acknowledges, experiences and accepts this basic goodness in their life on a personal level, they often experience a surge of energy. This can be experienced in the culmination of a business transaction, the culmination of the running of a marathon, or the culmination of some other important personal  or corporate event. This energy exists by itself in everyone’s life and in certain teachings, it is called simply “windhorse”. Windhorse comes from the Tibetan concept of lungta in which the lungta was a mythical Tibetan creature from pre-Buddhist times that combined the strength of the wind with the stability of the four legs of the horse. The Zanicorn is the modern day mythical corporate equivalent of this concept with one slight twist. In addition to the invitation to experience “raising windhorse” in one’s own personal life thus allowing one to harness the power of the energy of basic goodness in one’s own life, the concept of the Zanicorn invites a willing suspension of disbelief in one’s corporate life that will be absolutely critical in establishing a platform for change on the smallest, basic level that is genuine, gullible in a positive sense and is completely fresh. This is the type of platform that is needed in order to join the primordial wisdom that we all have buried within us to the reality of our current corporate and personal lives. Only when we can do this will we be able to design the true economic solutions that will help restore order to our world, and we will begin by restoring this order individually both on the corporate and personal level.

It was with this hope that Zanicorn International Ltd. was established. And it is with the further hope that we can honor each and every client that comes to us with solutions that will further  the establishment of a new world economic order by challenging the status quo and investigating solutions that might not otherwise have been considered.