About Us

The Zanicorn delivery teams bring an extensive background of working with multinational companies to each engagement and have a excellent record of providing hands-on support to our clients.


We have shorter lines of communication than most organizations.  This allows us to make decisions quickly and in conjunction with client input.  Our clients benefit from this since decisions and interpretations are made by people who you actually see and talk to, rather than by remote departments which do not interact with you, or often each other.

We have flexibility.  We assemble our teams to serve clients based on who the best people are for the job, not on a need to source our people from a single business unit.  This gives you immediate and direct access to the right people within our firm and its network to suit your needs.  We also have the flexibility to adapt our processes to your needs.  While we have extremely robust processes and methodology, the way we approach your work is determined by your needs and the specific issues that you face in each location.

The Client Comes First

You can be assured that our top professionals will be assigned to work with you. Rather than just assigning personnel to your project, we will structure our staffing to plan for future continuity.


We offer value.  Zanicorn has a relatively flat organizational structure and lower overhead rates that translates into a more competitive fee structure.  However, the value we supply has more depth than price alone.  It is rooted in the fundamental economics of our business which are different than those of our competitors.  We are able to invest more development time at the beginning of a project getting to know our new client.  This means you will notice a higher level of principal and manager involvement throughout the engagement.  The economic implications of this are far reaching for you.  Our principals do not simply act as salesmen and women, managers of their staff, and quality control inspectors – they have to deliver high quality services to Zanicorn’s clients.  The impact of this for our clients is that they experience personal delivery of services and a serious investment of pro bono time at the beginning of the engagement which is absolutely essential in order to provide the type of value upon which a solid foundation for delivery of services can be based.


At Zanicorn, we believe that relationship management is the true key to a successful engagement, no matter what the objectives of the engagement are.  Accordingly, we maintain and strictly adhere to, a robust governance policy for each engagement.  We realize that even if a team’s capabilities are more than adequate and the business model that is used on the engagement is the correct one to use, if the governance over the engagement is poor or nonexistent, or if management of the company is not actively engaged in the governance process together with the Zanicorn team, it is more than likely that the engagement might not be as successful as it otherwise could be.  In fact, the engagement might not be successful in any respect.  Accordingly, Zanicorn has developed its methodology to incorporate governance and monitoring throughout the engagement from start to finish.  Its a way of life for us, not just an “add on” to our engagement.

Risk Assessment

The principals at Zanicorn bring experienced skill sets in the legal, accounting, consulting, information technology and administrative areas to each engagement.  Our principals are also skilled in working with highly regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, technology, healthcare and banking industries and they have worked consistently on standard setting for many government agencies and task forces that have been formed to set benchmarking standards for these industries.  These collective skill sets allow the principals at Zanicorn the ability to bring a unique cross-section of abilities to bear on their client’s engagements.