ZANICORN: A Driving Force for Ethical Transformation

Zanicorn International, Ltd., and its sister company Zanicorn Legal PLLC are continually growing and highly regarded small women-owned businesses.  Since its inception in 1995, we are proud to say that Zanicorn has grown through exercising ethical principles from its very inception. At Zanicorn we take significant pride in providing highly regarded accounting and legal professionals who assist Zanicorn’s clients in Educating their employees and transforming  business processes to benefit both the corporation and humanity through exercising integrity and compassion which in turn supports sustainability in both the economic and environmental sectors.

The professionals at Zanicorn fully understand the critical nature of working with each client in a timely and confidential manner using a cost effective approach to deliver strategic solutions.

Our company offices are located in New York City, NY and San Diego, CA.

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