Zanicorn has provided both financial and legal advice to Fortune 500 companies in connection with their corporate governance, merger and acquisition, transaction support (primarily in the capital markets arena, including going public and going private transactions) as well as their global expansion needs. Over the ensuing years, Zanicorn’s  attorneys, accountants  risk management and environmental consultants have had extensive experience in coordinating both local projects within the United States as well as larger global projects for clients in various industries. If your company is a local or regional company that is trying to harness its costs and improve efficiency or attempting to expand its footprint, either domestically or internationally, Zanicorn can offer reasonably priced, quality services that will help your company achieve its goals.

It is Zanicorn’s goal to become the integrated professional services organization of choice for clients in targeted growth industry segments and particularly those clients that desire to grow either domestically or internationally, whether in terms of geography or market share. Zanicorn plans on accomplishing its goal by (i) providing value to our clients through continuing to develop uncompromising professional expertise; (ii) demonstrating efficient, responsive client service; (iii) establishing innovative service offerings to meet the changing needs of our clients; (iv)   performing seamlessly in our execution in projects as we continue to expand; (v) leveraging Zanicorn’s existing global relationships in over 100 countries; and finally (vi) leveraging Zanicorn’s experience in certain industries and markets such as project finance, entertainment, mergers and acquisitions and the energy and environmental fields.

Since its inception in 1995, Zanicorn has been instrumental in supporting local projects in the areas in which it has done business and currently, Zanicorn has had discussions with a large international relief organization based in New York with operations in California as well. It is anticipated that as the Zanicorn grows it will be able to carry on its tradition of channeling a portion of the net profits from projects that Zanicorn participates in worldwide to organizations that distribute relief in those specific regions of the globe in which Zanicorn projects arise.