Our Values


Zanicorn can provide completely flexible solutions for its clients that are designed to offer global solutions based upon best practices and efficiencies that can only be realized by analyzing each business challenge with candor and honesty then applying the most practical and economical solutions.

Integrity & Trust

Without integrity there can be no trust and no job can be done well.  Zanicorn prides itself on always delivering the best advice for its clients in all cases.  There is simply no room for excuses.


Our professionals have both the technical expertise to serve our clients fully as well as the dedication and commitment necessary to ensure that our client’s projects get individualized attention at all stages of the project cycle.  Our teams are very familiar with the particular human resource, administrative, legal, and finacial challenges faced by multinational organizations and are always willing to be of service in not only meeting those challenges but doing so in a way that will deliver the best solutions in a most practical and economical manner.

National & International

Zanicorn is an organization with a human face – not just locally, but internationally.  The Zanicorn staff member is a professional who gives their utmost attention to the needs and expectations of his or her clients.  Their ambitions reach far further than delivering sound technical advice.  The Zanicorn staff member develops a dynamic profile that allows him or her to play an important social role in today’s engagement and in the worldwide community.  The blend of these skills is what makes a Zanicorn staff member valuable to our clients, our organization, and the community.  It is at the crossroads of expectations, necessity, competence and dedication that Zanicorn can create value for you, our clients.

Independence & Code of Conduct

Our working methods have been set down in the Zanicorn Code of Conduct.  At present, auditors, lawyers, accountants and consultants are the center of attention where their professional ethics are concerned.  We see it as a challenge to comply with the new regulations, which we have translated into the practical guidelines of our Code of Conduct.  Our core values are honesty and integrity, flexibility, responsiveness, commitment, dedication, collaboration, responsibility and accountibility, technical competence, professionalism, and economic awareness.

GHG Protocol

Zanicorn is committed to supporting the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the efforts of the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.  We are also prepared to assist those clients which desire to adhere to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard with respect to accounting and reporting for outsourced transactions.

Data Privacy

The principals at Zanicorn are well aware of the data policy challenges faced by multinational companies.  As an outsourcing provider we realize that our paramount role is to assist the data controllers in our client’s organization in a manner that will not cause a breach of integrity of the data our clients are responsible for.  Accordingly, we are committed to first completly understanding the current environment in which our clients operate.  There simply is no substitute for the investment of time necessary to ensure that data integrity and privacy is not impaired.  This is the first and most important step we feel we should take when we accept a company as a client.